Swimming Pool HeatPumps, Roller Covers &
Pool Cleaning

Having bought a nice Villa, in my mind, there was no point in not
being able to use the pool for most of the year so I decided to
investigate further on how to give me an extension to the ‘swimming
Polaris offered me Installation and a pump complete for 5925.00 +
IVA = 6873.00 but having researched a bit more, I discovered that
they were :-
a) Overpriced (BUT NOT the dearest by any means – the highest
quote I had elsewhere was for 9000);
b) Certainly NOT the best pump you could get for your money;
c) Polaris again I was dealing with !! (3 years has been enough for me with them).
So, I set out to see what else was available and having had many pointers back to the HeatSiphon web site I
contacted them and after discussions and checking references from people who had also used them here
in the UK and Spain, I decidedthatthiswasthepumpforme.
Efficiency / Operating costs
It is important to select an efficient model (costing slightly more upfront) as the less efficient ones
take longer to heat up and in the long term are less reliable and cost you more to run. So in
practice, if you are going to Spain for a holiday and do not have a keyholder to turn your pump on
before you get there, it may be days (or even time to come back) before the water is warm
enough to use. This HeatSiphon model will be ready for use, somewhere between 36-48 hours from
‘turn on’ (provided the Solar Blanket is on the top of the pool surface). Efficiency of Heat Pumps is
measured by the ‘COP rating’. The average being 5.5, (the Polaris model made by Pentair,is 4.9)
and the HeatSiphon model we shall use is 7.6 which I think says it all !!
There are 2 sizes of Pools at El Valle albeit, these pumps will do any pool generally up to 8m x 5.5m x
an average of 1.5m deep. The Alcor measures 6.3m x 3.5m with a 1m to 2m sloping depth. The
Algarba is slightly larger at 8m x 4.5m with the 1m to 2m slope again. The pump will do BOTH sizes of
pool quite easily, provided that you use the Solar Blanket on the Pool surface.
It is impossible to say exactly what running costs will be but and these figures are NOT
representative as we do not know the variable costs of the Electricity from Iberdrola, the weather
conditions or the starting temperature of the water but GENERALLY, a HeatPump such as this would